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Our heroes Alex Hanly and Jason Church bring you an entertaining outlook on video games, music, movies and more. Join us weekly and send questions to and like us on Facebook at

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ROBOBOOTS Bitcoincast Episode 129 - (1:10:56) 48.71 MB
Our heroes are once again joined by Sarah as they try to explain Bitcoin, the Oscars, True Detective, the Super Bowl and everything else we missed!

ROBOBOOTS Ruminationcast Episode 128 - (46:26) 21.26 MB
Our heroes apologize for the poor sound quality of this episode, but do not apologize for the message being presented! We get deep, then we talk Spidey and Wonder Woman.

ROBOBOOTS Bookscast Episode 127 - (1:08:10) 62.41 MB
Our heroes discuss book to movie adaptations such as The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and much more! Check out SuperRoboPlay on YouTube for the video version.

ROBOBOOTS Playstation4cast Episode 126 - (1:08:21) 31.29 MB
Our heroes discuss the beginning of a new console generation. As well, we discuss Rob Ford, Thor: The Dark World, Marvel on Netflix and more. Video version on YouTube!

ROBOBOOTS Onlinecast Episode 125 - (54:07) 49.55 MB
Our heroes talk about GTA Online, Watch Dogs, Pokemon X and Y, and much more!

ROBOBOOTS Sportscast Episode 124 - (1:16:41) 35.11 MB
Our heroes Al(ex) Michaels and Jason Madden give you a run down of football and hockey and all those good times! We also go to the website WillYouPressTheButton and read out some wacky hypotheticals.

ROBOBOOTS GrandTheftAutoVcast Episode 123 - (1:12:12) 33.05 MB
Our heroes hit the streets of Los Santos in this video-oriented version of the podcast. For best listening pleasures, tune into our SuperRoboPlay channel and enjoy the video cues there as we play Grand Theft Auto V and partially review it while discussing other news.

ROBOBOOTS Commentarycast Episode 122 - (2:14:13) 61.44 MB
Our heroes take on The Amazing Spider-man and do a commentary of the 2012 film! That's right, get yourself some popcorn (we certainly have some) and watch The Amazing Spider-man as we do. Commentary begins at 2:44.

ROBOBOOTS Vitacast Episode 121 - (52:09) 47.76 MB
Our heroes discuss the goings on at the recent Playstation press conference. We also talk about what we've been watching, what to look forward to, all from Jason's brand new condo!

ROBOBOOTS Nintendocast Episode 120 - (1:11:12) 65.2 MB
Our heroes discuss the recent announcements of Nintendo. Specifically, the weird unfoldable piece of plastic known as the 2DS! Also, we talk about the new Pokemon deets, them megas be everywhere.

ROBOBOOTS Affleckcast Episode 119 - (1:28:33) 81.07 MB
Our heroes talk about the newest hero. We actually cover a lot of ground before discussing Affleck, so that's my warning to you. Neopets, Gamescom and other junk. THEN BENBAT. Or Batman, your choice.

ROBOBOOTS TheLastOfUscast Episode 118 - (1:31:34) 41.92 MB
Our heroes argue, Jason thinks that Pizza Hut made the trees. Jason Church thinks that the trees, outside, around us, everywhere, green leafy beautiful trees, were created by Pizza Hut.

ROBOBOOTS PhilFishcast Episode 117 - (1:19:21) 72.66 MB
Our heroes discuss the new Bioshock Infinite news, the state of video games, Fallout New Vegas, Artemis Fowl, Matt Roloff, and the Phil Fish / Fez / Marcus Beer kerfuffle.

ROBOBOOTS ManOfSteelcast Episode 116 - (1:31:35) 83.86 MB
Our heroes talk about Man of Steel! In addition to that, we cover all the major news that came out of San Diego Comic-con 2013. We also call out Elon Musk for the thief that he is.

ROBOBOOTS Demonscast Episode 115 - (1:03:20) 57.99 MB
Our heroes talk about Amazing Spider-man 2, as Jason plays Demon's Souls in the background. There's also some talk of Smashed, and Orange Is The New Black, and Jason rambles about a book or something. Inferno, I don't know. Enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS Cerealcast Episode 114 - (1:05:45) 60.21 MB
Our heroes talk about cereal, and laundry, and lots of little things. They also briefly touch on The Last of Us, and Game of Thrones, as well as Grand Theft Auto V's gameplay trailer. Enjoyada!

ROBOBOOTS Domaincast Episode 113 - (56:53) 52.09 MB
Our heroes talk about the newest episode of Skins, and lots of weird techno domain talk, as well as some brief discussions on the newest PS3 game The Last of Us.

ROBOBOOTS Mangocast Episode 112 - (1:11:39) 65.61 MB
Our heroes talk about anime late at night like the true heroes they are. That's right, heroes! Of might, magic, women and dog tomfoolery of the mired evening moon. They are the ones that can save us, the forgotten lost mystical mole men.

ROBOBOOTS E3cast Episode 111 - (1:10:41) 64.72 MB
Our heroes discuss the ins and outs of E3 2013! Who won? Who lost? What are games? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality.

ROBOBOOTS XboxOnecast Episode 110 - (1:12:59) 33.42 MB
Our heroes return and talk about the Xbox One catastrophe. We also discuss death and women and all the changes happening our lives! The Boots Boys be growin' up.

ROBOBOOTS Newcast Episode 109 - (1:02:02) 85.21 MB
Our heroes are back after a month and they give you the goods. They talk about how IT works. How IT WORKS.

ROBOBOOTS Bioshockcast Episode 108 - (1:19:08) 72.45 MB
Our heroes sleepily return to the world of Rapture and Columbia. That's right! We're talking Bioshock in this episode! I MAY NOT ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUU.

ROBOBOOTS Seattlecast Episode 107 - (44:57) 61.74 MB
Our heroes take it to the road solo, but are joined by guests in the Emerald City. That's right! Past guests Skylar and Roberto replace the evil Jason regime, and Alex takes the reins! Grandma toes.

ROBOBOOTS SimCitycast Episode 106 - (1:37:50) 44.79 MB
Our heroes talk about EA's latest blunder: Sim City. We also somehow talk about Spider-man again. And, more Pokemon talk, a lot of it, actually.

ROBOBOOTS PlayStation4cast Episode 105 - (1:39:22) 90.98 MB
Our heroes discuss the Oscars, their new channel at SuperRoboPlay, and the recent announcement of the PlayStation4. Will Mark Cerny murder us all?

ROBOBOOTS Misogynycast Episode 104 - (1:11:27) 65.42 MB
Our heroes talk about how to find true love. And by that, I mean a lot of other stuff that's not that. We talk JJ's Star Wars, Playstation 4, and there's also some story about a girl. Soups!

ROBOBOOTS SuperRoboCast Episode 103 - (57:17) 52.45 MB
Our heroes talk in depth about the launch of their new gaming channel, SuperRoboPlay! Alex is almost done watching The Wire, which leads to a serious discussion of the corruption in society. Happy Family Day!

ROBOBOOTS Queercast Episode 102 - (1:23:03) 38.02 MB
Our heroes speak frankly. We cover a wide variety of topics, all of them quite sensitive, and handle them with little to no sensitivity. It's the 21st century!

ROBOBOOTS Dalmatianscast Episode 101 - (1:25:40) 39.22 MB
Our heroes give you an action packed episode to make up for last week's low-key affair. We talk about Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, how another person's mouth tastes and much more!

ROBOBOOTS Podcast Episode 100 - (1:10:08) 32.11 MB
Our heroes take a late night drunken look back on their origins. Rather than a big, huge extravagant episode. We have a personal in-depth look at how we started and how we got to where we are. Kind of. We also say a lot of stuff about people we went to middle school and high school with. That's alcohol for you, folks.

ROBOBOOTS Skyrimcast Episode 90 - (1:47:18) 49.12 MB
Our heroes do not talk about Skyrim in this podcast. Believe me, we intend to, but it does not happen. Instead we talk about the Iraqi death count, masturbation habits and the iPhone 5. But our energy sure is high!

ROBOBOOTS Arrivalcast Episode 89 - (1:12:35) 33.23 MB
Our heroes mire through some minor technical difficulties but are reunited! We discuss Moneyball, Breaking Bad, and general forest happenings as we record this episode in beautiful Buntzen Lake.

ROBOBOOTS Departurecast Episode 88 - (1:11:59) 32.96 MB
Our heroes podcast from countries apart for the last time! As Jason is due to make his return next week to Canada. Boy how time flies. In this podcast we talk about Star Wars and Jason's belly and how he's a liar and a criminal. You know, regular stuff.

ROBOBOOTS HungerGamescast Episode 87 - (1:30:53) 41.61 MB
Our heroes venture into the world of Pandora or whatever and do some stuff with some kids. That is right, we review The Hunger Games! And by review, of course we mean, Alex rants about how much he hates for an hour. Which is like a new segment that pops up every other week now. Enjoiiii.

ROBOBOOTS DianaRosscast Episode 86 - (1:05:15) 29.88 MB
Our heroes take a look into their past and revisit their very first video they did together back in 2007. We also give you a peek at the video itself! Be sure to click the link provided in the podcast, or head on over to the Facebook and view Diana Ross's Big Adventure. We also talk about other crap, Jason's drunk!

ROBOBOOTS Olympicscast Episode 85 - (2:00:02) 54.95 MB
Our heroes will talk about the Olympics like maybe 50 minutes into this super long episode. The episode really kicks into another gear in the second hour though. You know what they say, the longer it is, the better it feels, Papa.

ROBOBOOTS Reflectionscast Episode 84 - (1:00:14) 27.58 MB
Our heroes discuss Roboboots partnership on YouTube! After years of trying, the Boots Boys are finally official kingpin door-knocking big baller shot callers on the internet video landscape. And popcorn!

ROBOBOOTS Superherocast Episode 83 - (1:46:09) 48.6 MB
Our heroes discuss their heroes! Yup, we review both The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man all in one episode. And by review, I mean Alex rips apart Spider-man for an hour, and praises Christopher Nolan for the next hour. Also there are lots of Bane impressions. Enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS Comic-concast Episode 82 - (2:13:02) 60.9 MB
Our heroes zip, bam and pow their way through tales of Comic-con 2012. Jason went this year and recaps his four-day long adventure at the Con. Talks include Mass Effect, Playstation Battlestar Allbrawl Royale, and like a zillion other geeky things and missing out on panels and pretzels and junk. Just listen, okay?

ROBOBOOTS Sarahcast Episode 91 - (1:15:28) 34.55 MB
Our heroes are joined by a heroine as they discuss their dreams in preparation for Girl of Your Dreams! I do not even know what to say about this episode as it's all over the place. Jason and Alex also discuss their trip to Seattle, kind of.

ROBOBOOTS Adamcast Episode 92 - (1:08:08) 31.2 MB
Our heroes are joined by their quietest fan. We talk about stuff, mostly about where babies come from, or who knows. Do you know where they come from? Is it Hollywood?

ROBOBOOTS Animecast Episode 81 - (1:08:34) 31.39 MB
Our heroes dive into Miyazaki and Evangelion and that other guy! Our Japanese accents come back in full force as we discuss various anime we've grown to love over the years. This episode is short and sweet and meant to tide you over until next week where we bring you epic Comic-con madness!

ROBOBOOTS LanaDelReycast Episode 93 - (1:27:17) 39.96 MB
Our heroes wear blue jeans, white shirt, something something something and you made my eyes burn. We talk about Lana's new music video as well as lots of new video game news. Wii U and junk, who wants that garbage? Not me, not the writer of this blurb thing, the same writer of I Love You Nintendo, the hit web sensation. WHY REGGIE. WHY!

ROBOBOOTS Ideacast Episode 80 - (1:22:41) 37.85 MB
Our heroes cover their bases here and avoid current events to give you the raw goods. We bring you an hour and a half of pure entertainment. Next week will be a full-on Comic-concast against or some such nonsense, so we wanted to give you a classic podcast like the olden days beforehand. Oh and Roberto of Throwboy shows up! Njoi!

ROBOBOOTS Kisscast Episode 94 - (1:40:41) 46.09 MB
Our heroes discuss frenzies. As well Machinima happenings and that whole Gawker vs Reddit thing. New video coming soon too!

ROBOBOOTS Fishcast Episode 79 - (1:06:12) 30.31 MB
Our heroes are back after a week off, but don't complain, last week was a huge episode! We discuss Godzilla, Wild Wild West, Playstation Plus, and Jason's Social Network-esque contest he entered. Take a bike, ride it strong into the wild blue yonder and tell us what you encounter, whether it's alive and new, or your pride's abused, we know where it's coming and where it's going, stay tuned! Hello!

ROBOBOOTS Londoncast Episode 95 - (1:42:03) 46.72 MB
Our heroes drink tea and rescue the queen and play with their john thomases. That's right, Jason's back from London and he has lots to discuss! We're a little drunk too and that always adds fuel to the fire. New episodes every week from here on out.

ROBOBOOTS StarWarscast Episode 96 - (1:01:36) 28.2 MB
Our heroes begin their countdown to the end of the year. We quickly approach the 100th episode of the Roboboots Podcast! This episode is technically a two-parter, with the second part (a two-hour doozy) dropping next week. We talk about Star Wars and Wii U and freaky stories. Tune in.

ROBOBOOTS VideoGamescast Episode 97 - (2:04:56) 57.19 MB
Our heroes count down their favorite games of this past console generation. Jason and Alex both reveal their Top 5 games from the past 7 years. Will your favorites make the list? Tune in and find out, dummy!

ROBOBOOTS PromE3theuscast Episode 78 - (2:15:03) 61.83 MB
Our heroes embark on a podcast of epic length! That's right, we do a double duty and cover both E3 and Prometheus in this over-the-top double stuffed episode. We also talk about pizza dynamics and the news and read a script that a friend of ours at Machinima sent us. Oh, and spoilers and stuff if you haven't seen Prometheus.

ROBOBOOTS Hobbitcast Episode 98 - (1:57:26) 53.76 MB
Our heroes have not seen The Hobbit. We talk about why we have not seen The Hobbit. Next week there will be an Avengers movie commentary. We also talk about the VGAs and The Phantom Pain and The Last of Us and The Walking Dead game and The Unfinished Swan and The Wire and and and and more!

ROBOBOOTS Ulillilliacast Episode 77 - (1:22:12) 37.63 MB
Our heroes are joined by a Platform Master. Yes, the man, the myth, the legend himself, Ulillillia joins us in this podcast. It's by the books and we cover the development of his game Platform Masters which you can learn more about on his website and YouTube. We also discuss the Miami zombie and more video game news leading up to E3.

ROBOBOOTS Expectationscast Episode 76 - (1:00:25) 27.66 MB
Our heroes are joined by Sir Sebastian, also known as Frickfrock999 on YouTube, and we discuss Evangelion, E3 predictions and have an all-around good discussion. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for candy reviews!

ROBOBOOTS Commentarycast Episode 99 - (2:24:03) 65.95 MB
Our heroes give their commentary on The Avengers. The highest grossing movie of the year is not safe from The Boots Boys relentless use of gay jokes. Get a copy of The Avengers and give it a listen. You will giggle once I promise. AT LEAST.

ROBOBOOTS Diablocast Episode 75 - (1:23:36) 38.28 MB
Our heroes discuss the wonderful world of Error 37 brought to you by ActiBlizz. We have another guest at the end and it's better than ever. We also yammer on about the economy and Jurassic Park and Assassin's Creed and stuff. Enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS Hulkcast Episode 74 - (1:50:34) 50.62 MB
Our heroes return with more talk of heroes. A more detailed discussion than last week begins about 40 minutes into the show. We then move onto a talk about SEGA. Why? Because SEGA!!! And also, we test out having a guest on the show during the last twenty minutes. Overall, a high energy high octane super high show SEGA!!!

ROBOBOOTS Avengerscast Episode 73 - (1:37:01) 44.42 MB
Our heroes fight for the right to Avenge. While not the truest of Avengerscasts, as Alex has not seen the film, it is a true Roboboots Podcast, filled with whimsical nonsense and boyhood silliness. Frabjous day callooh callay! Blah blah Avengers Initiative.

ROBOBOOTS Zoocast Episode 72 - (1:33:59) 43.03 MB
Our heroes are back once again, countries apart, but still as good as ever. Jason regales us with tales of his journey to the San Diego Zoo, as well as Drew Carey comedy club happenings. We top that all off with some Evangelion talk, and some 21 Jump Street talk. Enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS Hellocast Episode 71 - (1:22:08) 37.6 MB
Our heroes return! Miles apart, separated by borders, Roboboots lives on! Surprisingly the quality of the podcast may've gone up significantly. Anywho, the Boots Boys talk to you about their new video as well as Jason's departure and arrival in San Diego. Enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS Goodbyecast Episode 70 - (1:03:56) 29.27 MB
Our heroes try out a somewhat new format with rotating segments on the fly. Doesn't that sound like Transformers or something? Anyways, Jason's off to San Diego after this podcast and the format's going to shift a bit. But the podcast will go on! Embrace the universe just like a blazing star!

ROBOBOOTS MassEffect3cast Episode 69 - (1:43:25) 47.34 MB
Our heroes celebrate their 69th episode in the most sexual way possible: by discussing maybe the nerdiest video game out there! Or at least the whiniest! Yep, we sum it all up, we tear it all down, we get to the nitty gritty of Shepard's last conquest. Spoilers abound, of course, you've been warned.

ROBOBOOTS Ramblecast Episode 68 - (54:50) 25.11 MB
Our heroes welcome you to part one of a special two-part Roboboots Podcast. This is essentially one big preamble to our Mass Effect 3 discussion. I'm not sure what we discuss. Mad Men and other junk, we just essentially cover the bases. Episode 69 is the real meat and potatoes of it. Yum yum eat it up.

ROBOBOOTS Insanitycast Episode 67 - (2:06:35) 57.95 MB
Our heroes would like to stress that this particular podcast is in no way serious or reflective of our actual thoughts or feelings. We both love Barack Obama a lot. Too much. This is both the best podcast we have ever done and also the worst podcast imaginable. An hour of nonsense followed by an hour of racist, sexist, morally offensive and nonsensical karaoke. All while drunk out of our minds.

ROBOBOOTS WouldYouRathercast Episode 66 - (1:13:28) 33.63 MB
Our heroes ask questions that will bend the minds of the listeners. We pose such deep interesting queries that you yourself will ponder. "Would I rather?". Please do not listen if you do not like abortion or autism. You have been warned.

ROBOBOOTS SanDiegocast Episode 65 - (2:17:10) 62.79 MB
Our heroes reminisce on their trip to Comic-con finally and introduce some gigantic news for the future of Roboboots and the podcast! This one is a long one, folks, but is worth it! Deja vu it up.

ROBOBOOTS Pokemoncast Episode 63 - (1:06:35) 30.48 MB
Our heroes once again ramble about Pokemon and childhood happenings. We tried to talk about Comic-con, but instead were distracted too heavily by our hopes and dreams. Two characters also show up towards the end and discuss Pixar once again!

ROBOBOOTS Skunkcast Episode 62 - (1:01:55) 28.34 MB
Our heroes are a little late this week, but as funny as ever! Alex tells enlightening anecdotes about his escapades as the 'Boots Boys are doing a car cast once again! We review Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie and we have a guest join us towards the end. Tune in, now! NOW!

ROBOBOOTS Billiondollarcast Episode 61 - (1:10:40) 32.35 MB
Our heroes ditch the auto-tune for a good old-fashioned podcast. Jason discusses the game he's developing and Alex talks about the movies he's seen. If you wanted a regular podcast after last week's massacre, then we've certainly deliver. And no nipple talk, surprisingly. Although there is Fassbender ass sex talk.

ROBOBOOTS AutoTunecast Episode 60 - (1:08:42) 31.46 MB
Our heroes this wEeEeEek go into some crazy new depths and do our best to review Mission Impossible. There's autotuning, as per the title, and characters, and continued nipple discussion, but I will never, I repeat, never, title one of these podcasts "Nipplecast"! I have too much dignity.

ROBOBOOTS DragonTattoocast Episode 59 - (1:55:45) 52.99 MB
Our heroes rape their patients and get punished for it in glorious tattoo form! Wait, is that a spoiler? Maybe! Wow, that was bad. Umm, we talk about stuff for an hour, then we review The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo for an hour. All in all, it's good stuff.

ROBOBOOTS 2012cast Episode 58 - (1:31:19) 41.81 MB
Our heroes welcome in the new year with a continued discussion from last week. Jason takes the reins and gives the listeners an insight into civilization and a storied history of "Antartica". Alex stresses the importance of Adele. And there's talk of titties and junk too. Roboboots, away!

ROBOBOOTS 2011cast Episode 57 - (1:06:54) 61.25 MB
Our heroes return to their rightful throne as podcast kings. We talk about a variety of delightful things, nipples and feets and porn stars. Who knows, just listen to it. It's delicious, and it's a weird video format, enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS Nostalgiacast Episode 52 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are back a bit earlier than usual to give you a blast from the past! We sort through old television theme songs, especially Cowboy Bebop, while discussing Dark Souls and our newest Roboboots video. Enjoy!

ROBOBOOTS SteveJobscast Episode 51 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes mourn one of their heroes.

ROBOBOOTS Drivecast Episode 50 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes review the year's best film Drive, as well as discuss their latest smash hit Machinima video, "Black Ops: Girl of Your Dreams". They also talk about Disneyland rides and Demi Lovato's depression and other weird and wacky stuff. Enjoy, Sweden! going to the store.

ROBOBOOTS Alexcast Episode 49 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes this week become hero, singular, as Jason bails out while Alex takes the reins and takes the podcast to new heights! Alex discusses their adventure seeing the film Warrior and meeting Victor Lucas. Alex also elaborates for twenty minutes on the greatest concept yet-to-be introduced to movies.

ROBOBOOTS Girlcast Episode 48 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes welcome in a heroine to the fold while discussing their prior videos and recount a more detailed adventure they partook in during the filming of Video Game Apocalypse. Roboboots Podcast now with 33% more boobs!

ROBOBOOTS Bestcast Episode 47 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes this week lay it on the line, they've got two on the vine. In an extra long podcast, we cover as many topics as possible: PAX, tech news, our latest videos and much more. Seriously, this one is a doozy, our best yet! Maybe. maybe.

ROBOBOOTS Commentarycast Episode 46 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes delve into a world of Facebook by bringing you a commentary of 2010's best film The Social Network. A two hour podcaststravaganza! Grab a copy and get your popcorn ready and hit play at the 02:30 mark for a visual treat.

ROBOBOOTS PlanetOfTheApescast Episode 45 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes discuss the remaining tidbits of their Comic-con experience, as well as the new film Rise of The Planet Of The Apes, with other topics varying from Artemis Fowl to Final Fantasy and much, much more!

ROBOBOOTS ComicConCast Episode 44 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes recount their adventures at San Diego Comic-con 2011 in an extended Roboboots podcast! Highlights include Amazing Spider-man, 30 Minutes or Less, Total Recall and Ghost Rider 2. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our ComicConCast!

ROBOBOOTS Faircast Episode 43 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes hectically and haphazardly throw together a podcast at their local fair. We discuss our latest video Pokemon: A Cone-ing Adventure, we ride rollercoasters and we prep our real adventure to Comic-con next week.

ROBOBOOTS Demoncast Episode 42 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes talk in detail about their love for the 2009 Game Of The Year, Demon's Souls, as well The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer beta, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and their thoughts on Google, Apple and RIM. Be part of the show and email us at

ROBOBOOTS L.A.Noirecast Episode 41 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes go into deeper discussion on Roboboots' first video on Machinima, our LA Noire parody "A Kingdom Divided" featuring Mario himself! They also discuss Demon's Souls, Ali G and Alex is a microphone hog!

ROBOBOOTS TreeOfLifecast Episode 40 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes returned enlightened after having seen both Tree of Life and Super 8 which they discuss this week. We also talk about our two recent videos that we filmed as well as our addiction to Demon's Souls and inFAMOUS. Be a part of the conversation and email us at

ROBOBOOTS X-Mencast Episode 38 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are back this week to talk about an exciting new partnership with Machinima! We also play Call of Duty, more Mario Kart 64 (god we are addicted) and the old X-Men arcade game. Be a part of the conversation at and check out our videos at

ROBOBOOTS Drunkcast Episode 37 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes do some drinking and do their best to review Thor, while doing a Barack Obama impression, as well as discussing Spider-man 2, the state of video games and singing too much karaoke. We did our best. God damn.

ROBOBOOTS Nintendocast Episode 36 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes sit down and play some Smash Brothers and Mario Kart to pay tribute to their latest video, I Love You Nintendo. We discuss the process of making it, the return of the Playstation Network, and a British television show called Misfits. Check us out at

ROBOBOOTS Osamacast Episode 35 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are outside again enjoying spring and eating candy. We discuss the death of Osama bin Laden, Canadian and American Politics, our recent addiction to Mario Party 2 and our excitement for Comic-con. Got...item? Email us at

ROBOBOOTS Britishcast Episode 34 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are joined by their first guest star who comes from across the pond. We discuss the Royal Wedding, a more in depth look at Portal 2,the PSN intrusion, and the dynamics of odd sexual acts.

ROBOBOOTS Foodcast Episode 33 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are back and this time find themselves in a park discussing fast food, eating healthy, Portal 2, marriage and much more! Some little kid bugged us at the end. Ugh.

ROBOBOOTS ReturnOfTheCast Episode 32 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes return in glorious fashion. In this episode we discuss the reasons for our absence, which includes a Crystal Castles concert, a cruise trip, as well as discussing Evangelion, Pokemon and much more!

ROBOBOOTS Oscarcast Episode 31 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes talk Oscars and guess what? They sucked! Listen to our heroes give their opinions on the matter, Marvel vs Capcom 3, how Pokemon is out in a few days and more. Email us at and check out our website

ROBOBOOTS Voicescast Episode 30 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes return from a brief absence and grant you a briefer than usual podcast. Luckily though, the true Roboboots has returned on YouTube and we discuss our videos, in addition to giving you many poor impressions, and drive, drive, drive.

ROBOBOOTS MassEffect2cast Episode 29 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes finally get a hold of Mass Effect 2 and NCAA Football 2011 and guess what? They're in the car again! Email us at

ROBOBOOTS Awardscast Episode 28 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes take a heroic drive to the camera repair store, and later stop in and talk to Alex's Dad. We discuss the award seasons of past and present, and continue to praise The Social Network and try to make sense of the Transformers movies. Email us at podcast@roboboots.cawebsite:

ROBOBOOTS CallofDutycast Episode 27 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes decided to do something different this week. After a series of eventful encounters, including being a store that got robbed! Jason finally gets Call of Duty: Black Ops. Guess what? It's fun! Don't forget to email us at and check out the website at

ROBOBOOTS BlackSwancast Episode 26 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes lay back and discuss Black Swan, Alex's Facebook somehow redirects him to MySpace, games we want from 2011 and of course Christmas! Check out as well as email us at

ROBOBOOTS Troncast Episode 25 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes make a Trontastic return to the web and fill your ears with glorious high definition audio this week. After seeing Tron Legacy and Black Swan, what do they think is going to win best picture? Join this conversational podcast as they return to the weekly format. Email us at and check our site at

ROBOBOOTS Actresscast Episode 24 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes discuss many a topics this week. They discuss the rise and fall of actresses in Hollywood, including the likes of Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus, as well as the intricacies of Canadian hockey.

ROBOBOOTS Halloweencast Episode 23 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes discuss their wet and wild Halloween adventures, their brief absence, their favorite scary movies and video games, as well as update you, the listener, on the future of Roboboots.

ROBOBOOTS Minecraftcast Episode 22 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes go into a lengthy discussion about the popular computer game, Minecraft, as well as talk about internet games of their past such as Runescape and Neopets. They also talk about what is happening at BlizzCon with Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. The Green Lantern movie looks to be awesome while the American version of Skins looks awful. Email us your questions and comments to

ROBOBOOTS Tapiocacast Episode 21 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes discuss a range of topics this week, from kangaroos to New Zealand, The Social Network (again), the banning of human-animal hybrids, how pineapple makes certain things taste better, and what exactly Jason does to his tapioca. We also apologize for the distortion near the end, Skype garbled up our recording so just ignore that! Don't forget to email us at

ROBOBOOTS Superherocast Episode 20 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes this week go super as they discuss Andrew Garfield, star of The Social Network, and his role as the new Peter Parker, aka, Spider-man. They go over their favorite superheroes, continue to discuss The Social Network and Friday Night Lights. Email us at to win cool shit and we will read your emails on the next podcast!

ROBOBOOTS Facebookcast Episode 19 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes this week discuss Facebook and all its controversy. We also talk about the new films The Social Network and Catfish as well as the actors Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg and other stars of the film. Email us at

ROBOBOOTS Japanesecast Episode 18 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes discuss their travel plans to Japan this week. We talk about some of the top places to visit as well as butcher the Japanese language ROBOBOOTS PODACASTU-SAN!! Don't forget to email us at hey, you might even win something.

ROBOBOOTS NicolasCagecast Episode 17 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are all over the place this week, from insight on Kevin Smith, to performing terrible Canadian accents and of course obsessing over Pokemon. Prepare for the coming storm. Prepare for ROBOBOOTS. Oh and email us at there's prizes and shit to be won.

ROBOBOOTS Relaxedcast Episode 16 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes kick back this week and chat about PAX, Mega64, Castle Crashers, Kevin Smith, All the Real Girls, and the hypothetical question of polar bears and their blood. Don't forget to email us at

ROBOBOOTS BestMoviescast Episode 15 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes this week discuss their top ten movies from 2000 to the end of 2009. Expect to see such films as The Dark Knight, Spider-man 2, No Country for Old Men and many more! Tune in to hear if one of yours is listed and make sure to write into to tell us your favorite movies.

ROBOBOOTS Questioncast Episode 14 - () 41.72 MB
This week our heroes ask and answer a bunch of random, and often incredibly stupid, questions. They jump from the topics of hair color, octopi, spider smoothies and cockroach cereal. They also reveal the new ROBOBOOTS website at Email us at

ROBOBOOTS Controversialcast Episode 13 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes this week delve into some edgier topics, such as how many chickens it takes to breed an egg, review Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The Other Guys, the Jason swirl, how Roboboots got its name and get all Crudup in it. Email us at and tell us how you cook your hot dogs!

ROBOBOOTS TVcast Episode 12 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are taking a trip down memory lane to talk about all of their favorite TV shows from childhood to present day. We discuss our early fondness of cartoons such as Recess and Reboot, up to our growing fascination with modern shows such as Lost, Breaking Bad, Skins and Mad Men. What were your favorite shows from the past 15 years? Email us at

ROBOBOOTS Pokemoncast Episode 11 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes bring you nothing but Pokemon! Sit back for an hour as we nostalgia you through your childhood, talking about the original Gameboy games of Red and Blue, the perfect titles of Gold and Silver to the upcoming anticipation of Black and White. Roboboots, I choose you! Email us questions at or like Roboboots on Facebook.

ROBOBOOTS JuliaRobertscast Episode 10 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are back after a busy week with plenty to talk about. From Comic-con, to Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, 2012, The Last Airbender, Oceans 11-13, Starcraft 2 and more. Email us at

ROBOBOOTS Inceptioncast Episode 09 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes forge their way into your dreams and plant the idea that Inception is the movie of the summer to see! An hour long discussion on Inception, as well as Christopher Nolan's film Inception, and the hotly-anticipated motion picture event: Inception.

ROBOBOOTS Predatorcast Episode 08 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes apologize for their tardiness this week, but better late than never! This week, we review Predators, talk about The Thing, Sony's Playstation Plus, Burnout Paradise, Dragon Age: Origins, the new Spider-man, Uncharted 2, Pokemon, Tron Legacy and more.

ROBOBOOTS Primercast Episode 07 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes explore the movie scene this week and discuss Primer, Prince of Persia, Tron Legacy, Inception, Paranormal Activity 2 and more. We also talk about Portal 2 and Guild Wars 2

ROBOBOOTS Toystorycast Episode 06 - () 41.72 MB
Our heroes are so hot this week, listen to us sizzle away about Toy Story 3, Skins, Scott Pilgrim, The Star Trek Convention and much much less.

ROBOBOOTS E3cast Episode 05 - () 41.72 MB
This week our heroes discuss E3, their favorite games announced such as the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Killzone 3, Pilotwings Resort, the Playstation Move, Scott Pilgrim and much more. Don't forget to like Roboboots on Facebook and send in questions to Remember to press xxxyyyxxxyyy to suck

ROBOBOOTS Bebopcast Episode 04 - () 41.72 MB
This week our heroes talk about their E3 expectations, Microsoft's Kinect, the new pokemon revealed for Black and White, summarize Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo and other video game nonsense.

Roboboots Firstcast Episode 39 - () 12.19 MB
Our heroes discuss, much like in Episode 5 also titled E3cast, the goings-on at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo! We talk about what we liked and what we didn't like from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft. We also do a quick review of X-Men First Class, and much, much more.

Roboboots Firstcast Episode 53 - () 12.19 MB
Our heroes are coming to you from outdoors to give you the 411 on Occupy Wall Street bullshit, kind of. We discuss our latest successful video on Machinima, eventually. Alex goes on a rant about a lot of things. We eventually get around to discussing various tech news and game news, specifically Dark Souls! All while making fun of strangers. Enjoy!

Roboboots Spookcast Episode 54 - () 12.19 MB
Our heroes get their fright on and go to a local haunted house. Alex and Jason celebrate Roboboots 2.0's one-year anniversary along with Tia, in this long scare-filled edition of the podcast. We also talk about Dark Souls and our pets and stuff. Enjoy!

Roboboots Futurecast Episode 55 - () 12.19 MB
Our heroes are again in a park giving you a glimpse into their minds as they get deep into discussion as to what the future may hold for Roboboots. Also, we witness a dog fight, and talk about romance and religion and other junk. Best podcast yet? You know it, hip guy!

Roboboots TimeTravelcast Episode 56 - () 12.19 MB
Our heroes venture on a drunken journey through time. We reveal the secrets of future generations as well as discuss the effect we could have on our pasts. Best Podcast Yet. Play it backwards for secrets. (But don't though, the needle will ruin the record).

ROBOBOOTS Firstcast Episode 01 - () 45.7 MB
The Roboboots crew starts anew! Jason and Alex restart the podcast as an audio-only show, but it's still as good as ever. The duo discuss the state of affairs on Lost, the new Pokemon game, Breaking Bad, NeoGeo, Ubisoft, Peter Molyneux, Alan Wake, Silent Hill and more!

ROBOBOOTS Lostcast Episode 02 - () 12.19 MB
In this episode of the Robocast, our heroes discuss the epic finale of Lost, the newly released Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as The Room, ET, Modern Warfare 2 and even more Lost!

ROBOBOOTS RedDeadcast Episode 03 - () 12.19 MB
This week's episode of the Roboboots podcast has our heroes talk about Red Dead Redemption, the workings of Kotaku, Call of Duty, Mystery Team, Apple's new iPhone 4 and more.